I write songs and play them. If you have any questions please do email. I promise to reply within six months or not at all – and that’s a guarantee.

My most recent record is called OLD MAGICK. It was recorded by Dan Michaelson and came out on Fortuna POP! in March 2016, available from all the usual places you get your music, although I particularly recommend getting it on vinyl.

House Music was the one before that. It was released in September 2014. Here’s a review of it.

Singing Adams (me, Matthew Ashton, Melinda Bronstein and The Amazing Michael Wood) is out of action, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted. We made two albums: Everybody Friends Now and MovesYou can get hold of the music we’ve made here, as well as all the usual places.  Matt’s band The Leaf Library are up to all sorts. Michael’s got some tunes up here and Melinda’s currently studying experimental film-making.

I recorded an album 500 years ago called ‘Problems’ with Timothy Victor, under the name The Singing Adams and that’s available here.

The Broken Family Band (me, Jay Williams, Gavin Johnson and Mick Roman) split at the end of 2009. All that music is available to purchase from the usual outlets.

For press enquiries go here. For label enquiries go here.